Water Buffalo

The domestic riverine water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) is an important source of milk, meat and draft power. Of the world population of approximately 200 million water buffalo, the majority are found in South Asia, where they provide more milk than cattle. This site provides various resources for understanding the genomics and evolution of this domesticated species.

Water Buffalo

Family: Bovidae
Genus: Bubalus
Species: B.bubalis
Breed: Italian Mediterranean
Genome Assembly: UOA_WB_1

BOmA Browser features

  1. Genetic variants called from whole genome sequencing data of 79 animals across seven water buffalo breeds (Banni, Bhadawari, Jaffarabadi, Murrah, Pandharpuri, Surti and Mediterranean).
  2. XP-EHH and XP-CLR scores across the genome showing the sites of putative selective sweeps between water buffalo breeds.
  3. XP-EHH and XP-CLR scores calculated between thirteen cattle breeds lifted over to their orthologous locations in the water buffalo genome.

The raw XP-EHH and XP-CLR scores, as output by the hapbin and xpclr software, can be downloaded below.

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